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Asian Treasures Indian Restaurant, Main Beach

Asian Treasures has a wide selection of Chinese, Asian, Thai, Halal and Indian dishes to choose from. Our menu is filled with a fantastic array of choices for everyone to love. Popular meal items include Coconut Rice, Asian Style Fried Rice and Paneer Tikka Masala.Today, we offer a stimulating atmosphere with lots of conversation pieces on the walls and serve excellent quality, fresh cooked meals. We are defined as a main stream casual dining restaurant with an excellent quality services. We provide friendly, attentive service in a relaxed environment by staff and owners that truly enjoy their job.

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Best Indian Restaurant at Main Beach

Amid minimalist opulence, at award-winning Asian Treasures, the textures, flavours and expressive range of Indian cuisine are sumptuously brought alive. Guided by Chef and owner Sandeep Soni, this restaurant is cherished for its exquisite contemporary combination of traditional spices and ingredients with fine-dining presentation.

Cozy atmopshere and re-invented delicacies

At Asian Treasures, we strive to be gracious hosts but we’re happy to help you play the good host as well. Whether it’s our food or hospitality, we will make sure you get just what you’re looking for. Our restaurants are great places for a business lunch or family outings.

Traditional cuisine with modern twist and live Indian music.

Our Restaurant is a place for celebrations and loads of fun. As the name suggests, it’s all about diversity of food from all around the world. Personalisation and customisation are something we like to add in everything we have to offer, which is why each one of Asian Treasures's counters has its own cook to prepare and serve the food. And if you want a little refreshing edge, we have a selection of excellent cocktails for you to choose from.

Sandeep Soni

Owner and Head Chef

Take a traditional journey in a world of constant change and explore the ‘Happy Homes’ of India at Asian Treasures, as it explores a new concept of Asian sharing dining that mixes tradition with innovation, and incorporates its high-quality cuisine into sharing dishes for the whole family. As one of the Best Indian restaurants in Main Beach, Asian treasures has always been known as a culinary masterpiece, thanks to the stunning cuisine and concepts on display.

Our team is comprised of professional cooks from India and we offer authentic Indian Cuisine made from fresh, whole-some ingredients and traditional Indian herbs. Each of our dishes has its special sauces and seasonings made on the premises. Our aim is to give you an enjoyable dining experience. Please let us know how we may serve you better. Indian Cuisine does not need to be hot. We will endeavour to adjust the amount of hot pepper in your dish to suit your comfort level. If you find the dish is uncomfortably hot, please tell us. We can cool down your dish with yogurt, which neutralizes the bite of pepper. Our menu takes root in the time honoured style of great North Indian food, using bright aromatics, savoury spices and the freshest ingredients, with a whimsical interpretation.

"Adding passion to Indian Cuisine"

Sandeep Soni

  • Asian Treasures Restaurant Tedder Ave, Main Beach, Gold Coast Queensland Australia

    I have been eating Indian cuisine all my life and this is some of the BEST I've come across. The restaurant is nicely decorated with very comfortable chairs. The staff and owner are friendly, helpful and easy to talk to as well. Highly recommend checking this place out. Best indian on the coast!

    William Raynes, Gold Coast

  • Asian Treasures Restaurant Tedder Ave, Main Beach, Gold Coast Queensland Australia

    Delicious food , great food , friendly service , I really like palak paneer and butter naan. Had a wonderful dinner

    Jobandeep Singh, Main Beach

  • Asian Treasures Restaurant Tedder Ave, Main Beach, Gold Coast Queensland Australia

    Great meal, friendly staff, nice prices... What more could you ask! :)

    Jeremy Clark, Adeliade


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